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      Using our Keys!

   Our spiritual leader has 
challenged each member to
become involved in effective
evangelism.  With our
, we will be able to  
 use "the keys" and unlock
     what God has for our 
family and friends! Will you 
 answer the call?  If so, we 
     won't have room to 
           receive them! 




Keys to the Kingdom

    The uncompleted challenge to “go make disciples” continues to trouble me. Jesus said, “The harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.”  All of us need to make a concerted effort to become mobilized. I pray that the Lord will send forth more laborers. We must strive to become the soul-winning church that God desires.
     To be a part of the church is to be a part of the greatest institution known to man. Only the church can call on heaven and get answers. Only the church has the keys of the Kingdom. Let’s take the keys that Christ has given us and unlock the Kingdom for those who need to know Him. How can we unlock the Kingdom for those who need Him? We can unlock the Kingdom through our ministries.
     We will try to reach lost souls through our out-reach ministries in the following areas: Clothes Closet, Food Pantry, Transportation and Evangelism Teams.  Since we also have several in-reach ministries, some souls may be won by observing how we treat each other.  Therefore, everyone has an opportunity to participate in ministry.  For the past nine years, a newsletter has been utilized as a tool to inform and inspire you. Our media ministry has expanded to include this Web site. I hope that all members, family, and visitors will be blessed by it.
     Are you ready to accept the challenge of the greatest commission? It is our prayer that every member becomes actively involved in at least one ministry. If you are not sure of the area that you are called to serve, serve on our Evangelism Teams. Seek God’s direction for other areas that He may want you to serve in. You don’t need a key to the city; you have the keys to the Kingdom! Let’s get busy and turn this city upside down for Jesus!-S
upt. Charles A. Stevenson

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